Saturday, May 24, 2014

What's Going On?

Lately, I've started and stopped so many books that it's hard to believe I don't have a review to post. I just haven't found any really good books to just sit down and read all the way through. I started reading The Goldfinch..yea I got maybe to chapter 2 and just couldn't do it anymore. It lost my attention. I tried reading Nicholas Sparks' new one, The Longest Ride, and surprisingly, I couldn't read it. I love him and his works. But I found myself drifting and searching for a new book to read almost instantly. I have been borrowing books via the local public library where I live and it's been great..but I've just been choosing the wrong damn books. I did finish a nonfiction book about Gluten free I'll do a review about that. But in the past month or so, that's it..that's all I've finished. A gluten-free diet book by Elisabeth Hasselbeck. I feel so lame! and that I'm letting down my nerd self (hah).

So I'm appealing to anyone who may read this blog. Please comment with some suggestions on books that you've read in the last few months that you think were amazing...or even just plain good. Any genre, any length, for any age. I'm game!

(I did finish a book in one of my mystery series that was great, but it's always great otherwise I wouldn't buy the books in that series.)