Monday, February 16, 2015

Absolutely Truly: A Pumpkin Falls Mystery by Heather Vogel Frederick

Back Cover
An unsent letter in a first edition copy of Charlotte’s Web leads to a hunt for treasure in this heartwarming middle grade mystery from the author of The Mother-Daughter Book Club.

Now that Truly Lovejoy’s father has been injured by an IED in Afghanistan and is having trouble finding work back home, the family moves from Texas to tiny Pumpkin Falls, New Hampshire, to take over Lovejoy’s Books, a struggling bookstore that’s been in the family for one hundred years.

With two older brothers and two younger sisters clamoring for attention, her mother back in school, and everyone up to their eyebrows trying to keep Lovejoy’s Books afloat, Truly feels more overlooked than usual. So she pours herself into uncovering the mystery of an undelivered letter she finds stuck in a valuable autographed first edition of Charlotte’s Web, which subsequently goes missing from the bookshop. What’s inside the envelope leads Truly and her new Pumpkin Falls friends on a madcap treasure hunt around town, chasing clues that could spell danger.

My Thoughts
I really liked this book a lot. The moment you read about the father and what he went through and what his family went through for military, it just sticks with you. You feel for the girl, Truly, and how she feels lost in her family. A new school. New house. New everything. Who can blame her for feeling this way? I would feel the same. Truly is hilarious and very smart for her 12 year old self. I was impressed with her and her friends smarts and how well they did with the clues for the mystery. I think an unsung character would be Aunt True. She livens things up and sort of brings the family back together, almost back to normal. She's the crazy they needed to become their crazy family again. I think Aunt True was one of my favorite characters after Truly. They both hold the story together.

4 out of 5 stars.