Monday, August 12, 2013

A Hidden Fire: Elemental Mysteries Book 1 by Elizabeth Hunter

Beatrice, known to friends and family as 'B', is a quiet, unassuming young woman who is a student in the library science department of her college. She works at the college library helping in the quiet department handling old books and documents. Her life is going great until she meets Giovanni. He's a tall, handsome man with beautiful skin and hair. But, there's something different about him. A lot different. He's a vampire. As a very old vampire Giovanni, Gio to most, has lots of money and lots of time. He's in the process of copying an old document for a friend when he realizes who B is. She's the daughter of a man who killed 10 years ago. Or so she thought. Her father was actually turned into a vampire because of what he found in Italy all those years ago. Gio and B start to hang out outside of the library. He starts stalking her basically. Then he proposes she work for him since his vampire affinity is fire- which an unusual gift. Because of this fire affinity, he cannot work with computers as he sparks fire when touching them or anything mechanical. Brought into this vampire world B doesn't understand what she's gotten herself into until he brings her to a vampire bar to show all the other vamps SHE is HIS. They find out that Gio's 'child', a man he turned in a vampire is after B. It appears that whatever B's dad found has come back to haunt her now. He also has Gio's library that he thought was long long ago burned. No matter how much protection and how close he is to B, Lorenzo still manages to capture her and take her captive. She is rescued, of course, by Gio and his vampire friends. She steals Lorenzo's money as we learn that she is very good at hacking because she was a loner as a kid after her dad died.
Honestly, this book is very captivating. Maybe it's because I haven't read a lot of vampire stories lately or maybe it's because you fall in love with B and Gio and root for them the whole time but it really is a great read and worth your time.
I plan on buying the next books in this series too!
5 out 5 stars!!
Characters and setting and plot are all great. Gives a different spin on vampires which is MUCH appreciated.