Monday, August 12, 2013

Emerald Isle (A Stacy Justice Mystery) by Barbra Annino

This is another in the line of Stacy Justice books that I enjoyed. I always love a good magic book especially where the main character is a kick ass witch. In this installment of the series you find out more about Birdie, Stacy's grandmother, and you also find out that Stacy is indeed the Seeker of Justice.
The story begins and centers around Stacy's 30th year which is the year one can become a full witch with full powers. She is screaming and yelling at a painting of the goddess and then all of a sudden she is sucked INTO the painting! She meets the goddesses and they give her some help with her struggles. I should mention that before this she is being haunted by an apparition who gives her riddles to help her. After getting back from the goddess' Birdie tells her (or rather Birdie's enemy) that there is a challenge for her and that she must find the stolen cauldron before another does. They fly to Ireland and stay in this giant castle where Stacy is haunted in her room by a bad ghost. Then she thinks she sees her Mother who she is trying to save too. After a meeting or two, she and her cohorts whisk away to find the cauldron of the ancestors. They see it and find out that it's at the castle. That the leader of the clan is the one who stole it and he's betrayed them all. The evil ghost is the father of  Birdie's enemy who thinks that the Seeker should stay in his bloodline.
All in all, a great story. It kind of seems to me this series is finished with this telling. Stacy Justice a great heroine to read about.
5 out of 5!