Friday, September 27, 2013

Unnatural Acts: Dan Shamble Zombie P.I. by Kevin J. Anderson

This second book in the Zombie P.I. series focuses a bit on politics this time. In the Big Uneasy (where Dan lives and works) Senator Balfour is someone who detests unnaturals. He writes a bill titled the Unnatural Acts Act- which bans basically everything from unnaturals. Along with this there is a man who is doing good deeds- or so it seems. His name is Goodfellow ( I love the irony in this book). Goodfellow and his sister Missy are from a very wealthy family (mobsters) and they are evil. One day Goodfellow is almost killed by a piano falling on him so he decides to change his ways. What no one realizes is that he is buying heart and soul combo packs from a little troll to become nice-since evil is in his blood. Dan finds out and he is arrested. Their Smile Syndicate business (Missy runs) is reported for tax evasion and shut down also. We also meet the ghost of William Shakespear or so the ghost claims. A fire destroys the set in the graveyard where Shakespear in the Dark is held. Shakespear hires Dan to find out if Balfour's goons are responsible. Dan finds out that it was in fact Shakespear who set the fire so he could bring MORE interest to his shows. Wow!
Also, Robin takes on a case of discrimination (werewolf and vampire couple) who want to live outside the Big Uneasy but are being told No by everyone because they are unnaturals. We meet a succubus and a Madam of a brothel who is mummy. A witch and her swine sister (literally) who Dan helped in the previous book. They are interviewing him for a book series about a Zombie P.I. (get it?)
I like these books because there is always so much going on but it all ties together some how which is great and genius on Anderson's part.
I can't wait to get my hands on the third book!

5 out of 5 stars! Never a dull moment and always something different.