Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Adding New Content to this Blog

So I've decided that instead of just doing book reviews on the books I read, that I'm going to also include news and interesting articles and pictures I find about libraries, reading, and the like. I want to expand my horizons and see if I can get a broader base of readers than just my Mom and husband reading my blog for me. I'm also wanting people to leave feedback/comments so I know I'm getting some traffic on here. I may even do some interviews and post those on here. Who knows?


Right now I follow a few blogs written by other librarians. One of my favorites is Librarian in Black, written by Sarah Houghton. I find her posts both informational and humorous. You can check her out at:

Another good place I find information is the ALA website. They are THE place to go for library needs, as far as librarians go. They have information on pretty much all topics library/librarian related. It's a website I use almost weekly for my school work. And it's one the websites I'll be using for my research paper to graduate.

One blog that I recently stumbled on was the It's very interesting! She seems to update her blog every couple days or so. I like that she inserts videos, pictures,etc in some of her posts. Her blog is easily maneuverable and has links to her other social media sites.