Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Last Word by Ellery Adams

Who doesn't get excited when a celebrity comes to town? When best selling author Nick Plumley comes to town the town is a twitter with excitement in hopes to glimpse a sight of him. Who better to have the first chat with Nick then Olivia- the towns wealthiest resident. After a chat with him in her favorite diner (run by her good friend Dixie) Olivia finds out that Nick is here to write his next best seller. They agree for Olivia to come by his place later so she can read what he's got so far. But being who she is, Olivia of course stumbles upon another dead body. That of Nick Plumley! He's been strangled and his place ransacked. Could the thieves/murderer been looking for his book? Have no fear, the Bayside Book Writer's Club is on the hunt!

All of Ellery Adams' books are written wonderfully. She has the perfect amount of suspense, plot thickening, and romance to make you want to read more and not put down the book. This series is highly recommended, not only because the plots are so unique but also because Captain Haviland (the dog and Olivia's constant companion) add something to this story. Haviland is by far the best sidekick I've read about in a mystery series.

5 out of 5 stars!