Saturday, June 8, 2013

Worth the WeightThe Worth Series Book 1: The Nice One) by Mara Jacobs

As someone who has struggled with body image and weight issues her whole life, this book really hit home. Lizzie is a smart, successful woman who has recently lost a lot of weight (it's never said how much weight). She's a planner and list maker who knows how to get things done and gets those things done by being 'the nice one'. It's often referred to in the book -her being nice. She comes up with this master plan to "Find, Fuck, and Forget Finn Robbins", an old high school boyfriend. Wanting to test out her new body she does just that. Her friends Alison and Katie are there for her the whole time she is plotting this plan and putting it into motion. They warn her that she's not one to have a relationship without emotion but Lizzie tells them she can do it. How wrong could she be?! In the process of hooking up with Finn she falls in love with his 2 kids from a previous marriage. Annie is in a wheelchair due to a spinal issue from birth and Stevie is a teen with a lot of angst. It's only when Lizzie comes to terms that she has always loved Finn that she realizes her friends were right.
The only thing predictable about this book is that you know once the main character finds herself, has sex, and tells the guy she loves him- something bad is bound to happen. That's exactly what happened. Finn overhears her friends talking about the plan and he storms offf in a rage, chews her out in front of a large crowd and leaves her- again.
Overall, it's a great book. If you're someone who has weight or body issues then this really will hit you in the gut and you'll understand Lizzie's struggles better than someone else.

4 out of 5 stars!