Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Storm in the Barn by Matt Phelan

I don't usually read graphic novels because they just aren't my cup of tea, so to speak. This is a required reading for my children's lit class though so I had to. Surprisingly, this book was fascinating to me. The pictures were amazing with detail and the characters looked too real for just a drawing. This book is set on a farm and there's a drought. The majority of the book is black and white with some color scenes every now and then when there's a different story being told or something important. The author's take on the drought it a very interesting one because he created a Rain King, who is the rain and he's trapped the thunder in a bag (because where ever you hear thunder, rain follows). Tired of the raining, the Rain King hides out in a barn and Jack finds him. Always used to being told he can't do anything, he defeats the Rain King and it finally rains. For the first time in 4 years.
The author notes that his story is based on the Dust Bowl and black and white pictures he saw when he was a child. He definitely does the story and pictures justice in his version.

5 out of 5! Surprisingly vivid and great story!