Friday, April 4, 2014

Interview 3- Nonfiction

For my third interview on my blog I wanted to interview someone who read nonfiction. I am currently reading a nonfiction book, The World's Strongest Librarian, and wanted to ask questions to someone who only or mostly read nonfiction for pleasure. I don't usually read nonfiction in any form, biography, historical, autobiography, etc. I just have never really liked it. It's not my taste. BUT, I do know a man who reads nonfiction. Ever since I can remember he's read mostly nonfiction books when I've seen him read. Whether it's something like National Geographic magazine or historical or a biography, I've seen him read it. Who could this be? My Dad, Jimmy Krebs. He's a great man, one of the greatest men I've ever known. He's always been loving, supportive, and caring to my brothers and me. He was a great provider for his family and the best father a girl could ask for.
Here is his interview!

1. Tell me about yourself. I am a retired oil refinery operations' supervisor. I have 3 successful, college educated children. I am also fortunate to have 6 grandchildren. I live in Mississippi, on the Gulf of Mexico. I enjoy hiking/backpacking, camping, kayaking, and participate in triathlons and run races of 5k to marathon distances.

2. Why do you like to read nonfiction books?
I enjoy reading nonfiction books because I consider each work a type of historical recounting of either a historical event or a part of someone's life. The true, actual events happened and are recorded for people to read about and enjoy and possibly learn something.

3. What is one nonfiction book that you recently read? Currently I am reading a collection of short stories written by a friend. At the same time, I am reading a training book about triathlon.

 4. What types of nonfiction books do you like to read most? Historical? Biography? Autobiography? Why? I enjoy historical nonfiction, but inspirational biographies are also an interest.

5. Have you ever read a nonfiction book that inspired you to do something in your life? Explain. I have read a number of historical books that have caused my appreciation for the people that made contributions to our world and country. One book was The Works Of John Muir. It recounted his travels, life in the wilderness, and his passion for preserving our natural resources. I also read Undaunted Courage. This book centers on the events of Merriweather Lewis' life, of Lewis and Clark fame. It included actual journal entries, and other historical accounts of the Corps of Discovery. It has inspired me to visit sites the Corps trekked and appreciate and practice enjoying the outdoor wilderness.

6. How do you find the nonfiction books you read? A book that has a slow start, or drifts from the main story can loose my interest. I know that is why I do not read a large amount of non fiction. I typically look at the new book display at the library and get reading ideas from friends with similar interests.

7. Do you read anything besides nonfiction? Fiction? Magazines? If so, what are your favorite types to read (mystery, fantasy, general, historical) ? I subscribe to several active sport magazines, and I enjoy reading historical articles of a variety of subjects.

8. Anything else you'd like to add?
Two of my children live in regions of the country that currently influence my reading. One child lives near Washington, DC, and another child lives in Oregon. The histories of the regions are of interest to me.

 My Dad rocks! I love him and miss him so much! Hope to see you soon, Daddio :) <3