Thursday, April 17, 2014

The World's Strongest Librarian: A Memoir of Tourette's, Faith, Strength, and the Power of Family by Josh Hanagarne

So this book was my attempt at reading something new and nonfiction. Something that I don't usually read, to you know, spice my reading list up. Total fail. This book took me over 1 month to read. It was mind bogglingly boring. Now don't get me wrong, Josh's story of overcoming Tourette's and turning his life into something good is wonderful! That part was VERY interesting. I guess I just got lost in the other parts. His life is a great story of becoming yourself despite the hardships. His Mom is a strong and loving woman who he talks about with love and the reader loves her too. His dad, I thought his Dad was funny. His comments about things, gosh, I laughed a lot at the things his Dad said. I was frustrated with this book because I felt like, in some parts, he was jumping around and talking about this then that, and I would forget what the topic was and how we got this far.
His Faith is something that astounds me. I've known people with great faith, even after God knocks them down a peg or two. And you would think, after reading about Josh's trials with Tourette's that his faith would be gone but no. He still believes. I think that keeps him going and keeps his Tourette's under control.
This book would be a great read for a family or person who had Tourette's and has questions. I really believe this book could provide insight for others.
The one thing that really stood out and caught my attention was the way his chapters began. He used the call numbers of different subjects- related to the chapters- to name the chapters. That is just brilliant. I find him being a librarian interesting. You would think that someone who has tics wouldn't be able to hold himself together but in a library, we're all strange and weird and there for the same reason, books. His love of books and reading is apparent all throughout this book and it makes my respect for him all the more. Finding that losing himself in a book helped him, well that just made me root for him all the more. Josh's story is a good one and can benefit if told and read by the right person.
Overall, it's an okay read. But that's just me. I'm not a fan of nonfiction.

For more information about Josh and his books: or visit his blog at:
I checked his blog out, it's great. Take some time and browse it!

3.5 out of 5 stars!