Monday, April 7, 2014

Interview 4- Bethany

 For my 4th interview I asked Bethany, a youth services coordinator to answer some questions. I met her about 4 years ago when I worked at the local public library where I grew up. She is a great woman, funny, talented and she is AMAZING at what she does. I've seen her perform and interact with children and I follow her Facebook page about her travels on her bike. She's a great person to know and a good friend to have. I hope you enjoy her interview!
1. Tell me about yourself.
 I am curious by nature and once I'm interested in a topic I tend to become a bit obsessive while I learn new things.  To date some of this borderline obsessive curiosity has led me into beekeeping and pottery.  I know how to bind books by hand.  You know, sewing them, putting on covers, etc.  I can roller blade like the devil (but no one does that anymore).  I love the outdoors and the sun on my face and I've been known to ride a bike now and then.
2. What genre of books do you like best? What draws you to this genre? I read a crazy amount of non-fiction.  In fact most of what I currently have checked out from the library is non-fiction but I do love a nice little teen paranormal novel now and then.  Very occasionally, I enjoy a dip in the adult fiction.  There, I probably enjoy suspense or mystery best.

3. What is your job title? How long have you held this title? Youth Services Coordinator - 4 Years
4. What are your hobbies?  For me, hobbies are what keep my mind engaged and active.  Currently, I'm learning pottery.  I truly love it and hope soon to be at a point with it where I am able to sell pottery in addition to the library gig.  I play the ukulele and keep bees.  Also, I maintain a Facebook page for my little vintage bike called Bethany's Bike.  Oh, and I garden.  There may actually be a few other little things but they escape me at the moment.

5. What about your job do you like the most? Least?
 I feel very blessed to have my job.  I believe that it is a gift to be able to go every day to an occupation which you truly enjoy.  I really enjoy seeing the children and interacting with them through storytime or special programs.  The thing I like least is that in my current position, I do not see children on a regular basis.
6. For someone thinking about going into Children's Library, what words of wisdom do you have to share?
 The best children's librarians don't take themselves too seriously and are willing to view the world with a childlike perspective.  They know how to be silly.  They also know that these small people are library patrons and deserve the same amount of respect that is given to their adult counterparts.  If they have something to communicate, a good librarian takes the time to listen to them and help them find what they are looking for.
7. Who inspires you to do what you do?
 Probably, at the end of the day, my inspiration comes most strongly from our library patrons and my desire for all the children and families at each of our branch libraries to have a positive experience at the public library.

8. Anything else you would like to add?
Thank you for asking me participate.  I enjoyed it.  It is a great time to work in public libraries.  The landscape may be changing a bit but libraries are still needed and all the newness adds to the excitement.