Saturday, March 24, 2012

Three Rivers Rising by Jame Richards

This is an interesting novel based on the Johnstown Flood in the 1800s. The author notes that the story is not about the flood but some events from the flood are found in the story.
The story is told through poetry from different views of characters. The main story surrounds Peter and Celestia and the possibility of the breaking of the dam. The other characters that tell their story are a nurse, a wife of a train engineer and the father of Celestia. If you are not a big fan of poetry than you may have a hard time reading this story but if you make it through you won't regret reading it. The writing style for sure aggravated me at first, as I am not a fan of poetry. The plot and the characters were exciting to me and it made me appreciate the life I have and live.
3.5 out 5 stars in my book. Poetry is the reason I'm deducting, I just get bored so easily. If you fight your way through until the action, you will enjoy this book. Give it a chance!
*the author does note that in Pennsylvania there are museums and memorials that you can visit that are dedicate to the real flood of Johnstown in the 1800s.