Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vampire Knight Vol 1 by Matsuri Hino

This was my first ever Manga to read in my life and I only did because it was for an assignment for class. That being said, WOW!! I can totally see the draw to Manga and graphic novels. Not only do you get a story but you get pictures (illustrations) the whole time you are reading. I have to commend the author on this story. As someone who LOVES vampire stories (minus Twilight- cause it's not a true vampire story, vampires don't sparkle) this Manga novel is awesome and I think adults could even learn to love this story and type of genre. The story centers around a school that has day classes and night classes. Can you guess which classes the vampires are in? It centers around 2 characters, Zero and Yuki who are the guardians of the secret of the night class. The events that unfold will make you laugh, cry and at times leave you bewildered. If you have never read a Manga before, you should know going in that you read one right to left. That's right. Backwards. The illustrations are amazing! There are author's notes throughout the book also to fill you in on how the book/story was brought to life.
Give it a try. The only thing bad that can happen, is you find out you don't like Manga.