Friday, February 21, 2014

A Potion To Die For by Heather Blake

I'm a lover of mystery books. Especially the kind where mystery, love, and humor are all weaved together. This book is probably one of the best first books of a series that I've read in a while. The main character, Carly Bell Hartwell, is strong, independent, funny and also a witch. Her specialty is potions for the mind, soul, and body. As the oldest cousin she has the family 'secret recipe' to making potions. Her cousin Delia is constantly trying to find out the secret so her hexes will be more potent. The whole story revolves around Carly and how a dead lawyer is found in her store with one of her potion bottles in his hand. The whole town of Hitching Post, AL thinks she did it. And now, her business is taking a hit. What a girl to do? Solve the murder of course. With many twists and turns and you'll never guess who did it end this book is great!
One of the characters that did steal the show for me was Carly's best friend Ainsley. She was once a wile child but now a preacher's wife with 3 crazy kids. She brings the humor and Southern love and charm to this but also a sense of kickassery to the story too.
Another character worth mentioning is the swoon-worthy love interest of Carly's, Dylan, the sheriff. Those two have some history! Like being engaged twice and both times never getting hitched history. Burning down a chapel is mentioned a few times throughout the story too.
Aunt Marjie is also a character that people will love! She's a crazy old lady who has an itchy trigger finger. I loved her!
I really think that if you want to start reading good mysteries you should start with a good series...START WITH THIS ONE! Loved it sooo much. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

5 out of 5 stars!