Friday, February 21, 2014

Far Far Away by Tom McNeal

I was so excited about this book! It is Grimm brother-esque in its origins and telling. Why do I say that? Probably because this tale is told from the perspective of the ghost of Jacob Grimm. The story is about a young boy, Jeremy, his ghost Jacob and a girl, Ginger. It did start a little slow for me but it picked up quick and I read it in a day.
Jacob tells the story of Jeremy and his friendship with Ginger, a pretty and popular girl in his class. It revolves around a bakery where every now and then green smoke comes out of the chimney signaling to the town that Prince cakes are ready. Delectable little pastries that have green icing on them and that sell in a matter of minutes. (Let me stop and mention that Jeremy can hear the ghost, Jacob and often talks to him). The story really picks up when Ginger and her girlfriends come to Jeremy's window and gets him to accompany them on a mission. The mission is sneaking into the baker's house and putting pop rocks into his cereal, which he eats every night. It's all going well until the milk is poured and the baker goes crazy. He calls the Sheriff and they end up pinning everything on Jeremy. However, the Baker sees that Jeremy is remorseful and drops the charges.
This act leads puts all the other things in the book into motion. Jeremy and Ginger working for the Baker, them becoming great friends, and then going out in the middle of no where with the Baker. I don't want to give away the ending but it all turns out 'happily ever after' and they do go to a place the Baker calls Far Far Away.
Kidnapping, drugging, poisoning, being held captive...all pull this tale together. It is definitely a tale that I think would have been written by the Grimm's. It has everything they usually put into a tale and then the ghost of Jacob who is looking for the 'light'.

If you like Grimm this a great tale and very well written book.

5 out of 5 stars!

I also want to mention that I 'borrowed' this book thru my Kindle Fire via PG County Library System.