Monday, February 3, 2014

I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga

I Hunt Killers was a book that I stumbled upon in the bookstore and couldn't stop thinking about after reading the back of it to see what is was about. When I got home, I immediately regretted not buying it and went on my Kindle Fire and bought it and felt so much better.

How do I feel about buying it? I feel like it was the ONLY choice and the BEST choice.

Jazz is a 16 yr old boy whose life is not like most. His dad, Billy Dent, is the most notorious serial killer to ever live. From a very young age, his dad would take him to scope out his 'prospects' and teach him how to be the best at killing. A pretty chilling and sad story about a kid who doesn't want to turn into his father so he works with the police and the local sheriff, G William, to catch killers. He's great at it too. No child should ever have the thoughts Jazz has in this book or worry about whether or not he's going to kill women like his father did. His best friend, Howie, is a great character to have in this story since he gives the comedic relief. Connie, Jazz's girlfriend, is the only one who can stand up to Jazz and takes no shit from him. Jazz's grandmother, well there are no words to describe her except maybe, batshit crazy. She is both hilarious, sad, senile, demented and gentle all at the same time and makes Jazz's life even more interesting.
In the first book of the series, Jazz is helping G. William and the police find what he is certain is a serial killer. He becomes obsessed and no matter how many times is told to stop or to let it go or that it's not a serial killer, he just KNOWS it is.
And it is....
And it's impossible to guess who it is. Lyga does a tremendous job of  making the reader look and think one way and then pulling off a fast one with who it really is. The details of the murders are chilling but in such a way that you can't look away.

5 out of 5 stars!

Up next, Game- Book 2 in I Hunt Killers series.