Monday, February 3, 2014

Game by Barry Lyga

Game delves once again into the creative mind of Lyga except this time a new player is in the this game.
Jazz is at it again but this time the stakes are higher. He's hunting his dad, Billy Dent. Billy has escaped from prison and is killing people. But what's different are the people and what he does to them. Hats and dogs? What does that mean? Jazz travels to New York to help the police solve these murders and soon finds out that maybe Billy has an accomplice or two.
Jazz and the NYPD soon find out that Billy Dent is playing a sick game with 2 others who are doing the killings. Bodies are piling up and Jazz is so close to finding out so many more details of who he is and who Ugly J is.
This book gives us more of everyone else involved in Jazz's life and gets out of Jazz's head and the what if's of him becoming a killer like his dad. It is a BIG jump and leap that NYPD would consult a teenager about anything let alone serial killers but I guess for a fiction book anything is plausible. It does add a little bit of 'I don't know if this should be happening' but Lyga doesn't make it too crazy or out of the ordinary he makes feel like a last resort when the police don't have anything better than this teenager.
Lyga does go deeper into darkness with this book and that makes it more interesting but the humor like that first book isn't there as much. It becomes almost like an adult murder mystery rather than the teen fiction it should be. 
What drives me absolutely mad is when authors leave you hanging and this author does just that...What the hell happens to Jazz? I can't wait for the next book in this series.

4 out 5 stars...only because of the ending that left me going "WTF"