Thursday, August 21, 2014

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

I saw this book on Tumblr a few times and decided to get it from the library to read. I started and finished it in 1 day (my husband is always so shocked I do this but really, if it's a great book- it's not hard).

Shatter Me is about a girl, Juliette, who is trapped. Well, she's held in an asylum..cause she's dangerous, not crazy- very, very, dangerous. She's been held in the asylum for years. Her parents wanted her to be locked up. Her parents were scared of her. They hate her. She hasn't been outside in years. She hasn't seen another person or talked to anyone in years. Then, out of the blue she gets a cellmate- a man. Someone she remembers from her life growing up. But does he remember her? She could never forget those eyes. Those blue eyes. At first, she doesn't talk to him. She ignores him. But then, she slowly opens up. She tells him her name. She talks. He talks. They bond.
Then you find out it was all a trap. A crazy setup led by an even crazier guy- Winston. He wants her to help him rule the world...oh wait..why is she dangerous? you're wondering..She can kill people with her bare hands, she can suck your life out of you by simply touching you with her bare hands. And she's SUPER strong. She's a tiny wisp of a thing- who can lift grown men off their feet, blast through walls and lose herself to the power she possesses. She's a force to be reckoned with. Someone you need and want on your side. Winston is no dummy. He's power hungry. He wants her to help him rule the world. But then something happens..Winston, the bad guy, falls in LOVE with her. But even more than that, the 'cellmate' Adam is in love with Juliette also. Adam is really a soldier in Winston's army. Adam isn't supposed to feel anything. But Adam and Juliette love each other. They run away together.
Then you meet Kenji. Honestly, I love Kenji. He's the one I would date in the book. He's the jokester but kickass soldier who can do what no one else can- blend in with backgrounds..that's right- he can make himself invisible. How effin cool is that?!
So, Juliette learns, after she and Adam break out of Winston's crazy house, that there is a safe place for them, for everyone who isn't fooled by the new government. There's a rebellion forming. There's also people like her, who have special gifts too. She's not alone. She's not crazy.
The relationship between Adam and Juliette is sweet. Their relationship oozes off the pages of the book. You can feel the passion they have for each other. It's a great relationship. The author created a relationship most people in real life look for their whole lives. And these teens in this book, get it. They have this overly emotional LOVE for each other like no one else has had. It's a good relationship. But you get the feeling it just can't happen. Why can Adam touch Juliette without dying? No one else can...and that my friends, is why I read the 2nd book right after this one...

5 out of 5 stars! Must read!!
I would also like to mention that this story reminds me of the t.v. show Heroes.