Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

This is my second book by Rainbow Rowell that I've read, the first being, Eleanor & Park, which I loved. I, not only, think R.R.'s (sorry, I'm too lazy to type it out again) name is cool but her books are ammmazing! Her characters really pull you in and her plot is just great. The little worlds she creates on paper are splendid and I love getting lost in them. I read this book in a little over 12 hours because I have a toddler and a life. It was great though and if you have a good amount time, just sit and read it!

Fangirl is about Cather (Cath) and her twin sister Wren- Cather + Wren = Catherine..Genius. This was one of my, OMG, That's brilliant!, moments. The book revolves around Cath and her fanfiction writing about Simon Snow. They have been obsessed about Simon since they were kids and with the last book coming out soon Cath dives into her world writing as fast as possible to finish the fanfiction story she's been working on for 2 years. Wren has pulled away from the fandom world and also Cath, which hurts Cath deeply. Wren starts to spiral out of control and eventually gets a wake up call that changes her life. Cath is left to finish her telling of Simon alone, without her sister's help. She's left to figure the college life and friends out, alone.
I really enjoyed how Rowell intertwined a fantasy world (Simon Snow) in with a 'real' world story. The snippets that you get to read from Simon's world are interesting. But I'll be honest, Cather's world for Simon, is awesome and entertaining. At first, Cath seemed to me a lot pathetic and I questioned why she wasn't some hermit at home with her Dad and why she decided to even go to this big university in the first place. Wren is so vibrant and alive and in your face that it made sense for her to shrug off the twin mask and live her own life. But Cath? Nope. Cath doesn't know who she is without her fanfiction. Cath is a bit crazy. A lot asocial. She's not meant for this world. At times, I got the feeling like Cath just went through the motions of life just so she could get back to Simon Snow fanfiction writing. In fact, it's kind of spelled out that way. It's not until her professor for Fiction Writing that you get a sense that maybe Cath will move out of that fantasy world and become a real writer. Cath is hardheaded. She doesn't see that she can be a successful fiction writer and even gives up on the the class. Granted, that ass Nick has some to do with that. I was so glad he got fired and she said NO to him at the end. Gah.
I think my favorite character though was, Reagan. She was this no nonsense, kickass, do what she wants woman- Cath's roommate. She was funny and her sense of humor and personality just made me laugh and want more of her. Honestly, Cath was my second favorite character. I did think she was a bit of a dramatic and weird and clingy but once she grew up, I liked her. I really liked her and her writing and I was rooting for her. Levi was great. He was sweet, kind, charming and what Cath needed (imagine that). He was a great character and one that really helped Cath grow up and learn about herself. I think without Levi, this story would've ended with Cath failing out of college, living with her crazy Dad, and becoming a cat lady.
This is by far one of the greatest books I've read in a long time. A lot of what was written was just great. And it made you think about your life and how you acted in college. I know that I wasn't all crazy weird like Cath but I get her. I get her anxiety with college. I'm very glad that college is over for me.
This is definitely a book I could read over and over again. Even if the ending did aggravate me. I wanted more- I want to know what else happens in their lives. It ended so abruptly.

5 out of 5 stars! You go R.R., you go!