Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Unravel Me Book (Shatter Me series #2) by Tahereh Mafi

I'm a little disappointed that I just found out that there are 1/2 books between the regular series books. Which I hate when authors do that, why do you need book 1, book 1 1/2, book 2 and so on...I never see the point. But anyways, since I didn't know there were 1/2 books between the others I went right ahead and read book 2..

In book 2, the story picks up where Juliette and Adam have escaped to Omega Point, where they are safe from the crazy, power driven Winston.This is when Juliette starts to realize her power. And her love, her crazy obsessive love, for Adam. Adam feels the same. We also learn that Adam has a power. He can 'deactivate' others' powers by touching them- which is why he can touch Juliette. It's not until Juliette stops acting like a self-centered brat (thanks to Kenji) that she really starts to focus on using her gift and seeing what she is capable of. She becomes someone they can depend on. Except when she loses her shit- that girl is like the She Hulk. I swear. Holy balls. Do not make her angry!
We do see Winston again after a meeting between his father and Juliette where Juliette loses her shit (again) and shoots him in both legs (spoiler?) and is about to kill him (which would have been amazing cause he's a bigger shit than Winston). But Kenji (oh Kenji *swoons*) stops Juliette. And they take Winston hostage- which if you pay attention to the relationship between Winston and his dad, not too brilliant of a plan, as his dad could give less than two shits about him.
Omega Point has Winston and they keep him in a nice room and have Juliette talk to him. Which, I was all 'why? he loves her and she's attracted to him..' so it didn't make sense to me. But in the end, it does work. He tells them his father's plans. We also learn, (major spoiler) that Adam's dad and his little brother's dad (who they thought were dead) is in fact the man that Winston calls Dad. That's right...Adam and Winston are half brothers. My mind was blown. Plot twist!
What I really liked is the steamy scene between Winston and Juliette. I mean they are about to have sex when she's all like 'Adam' and Winston is like "WTF". Breaks his heart. And that is the only time I feel sorry for him. We also find out his first name is Aaron.
It's a good story. I didn't ruin too much of it for you...So read it.

4 out of 5 stars.