Thursday, August 21, 2014

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

The Sinclair family is a wealthy, sophisticated, and cocky family. They vacation on a private island during the Summer and live the life you dream of the rest of the year. The patriarch of the family has all the money, which is little shit adult daughters are fighting each other for and have their children say dumb shit to him about how great it is to be a Sinclair. The thing is, the parents, suck. Divorced, uptight, and fake- the only one I actually sorta liked was the aunt who brought Gat with her, and even then I only sort of liked her.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, this book is one I started on discs but then had to stop because the 2nd disc and on were all screwed to shit so I couldn't listen anymore. SO I had to wait, for 3 weeks to get it. Finally, I got and it and then started where I left off from the disc version.

Now I'll continue..
Cadence is the narrator. A whiny teenager who has money and gets whatever she wants. You get the feeling in the beginning ( or at least I did) that she will complain about everything..and she does. The story gets interesting about halfway through, once she hits her head on the rocks. That's when, I gasped. Yes, I literally gasped. I was all, OH NO!. (You know it's a good book when you gasp or do anything like that- a book that provokes emotion, is a great book). Once Cady hits her head, it's all about her trying to remember what happened, why she was in the water, why she was alone, and what made her go swimming alone almost drowning. Gat, Mirren, and Johnny and Cadence are the liars, they have always been together, since they were young. Gat and Cady are more than friends. Gat is the nephew of the man one of the aunt's is dating. He's been coming since year 8. They are all close while on Cape Cod but once they go back to their lives they don't really communicate.
After Cady's accident- she can't remember anything. Her parents won't let her go back to the island and so they force her to go to England (you would think she'd be excited like anyone else would be but nope, this spoiled little shit isn't excited at all).  I get it, she has post traumatic stress from her accident, she's sick- migraines, throwing up, blacking out but the fact that she wants to die- well, that's just crazy. Her mom babies her even more. All in all, Cadence annoys the piss out of me. I only kept reading because I needed to know what happened to The Liars. As I kept reading, I got the feeling that she was going crazy. Seeing things. Never once do the adults mention the other kids once Cady is allowed to go back for the Summer. But she sees them. She does remember eventually what happened. And let me tell you, I gasped (again) and was like OMG. I wasn't expecting the Liars to have perished the summer Cady got injured. But they did. Shocking twist. WHICH I LOVE PLOT TWISTS!!!
Spoiler:Gat, Merren and Johnny die in a fire the 4 liars created themselves. Cadence was the only survivor. The 4 of them set their grandfathers house on fire (the one on the island) to rebel against the adults and their stupidity and fighting. While Cadence is setting her section on fire she lights it too quickly trapping the others in the house. She tries to save them burning half her body but can't get to them. Which is how she ends up in the water, trying to put out the flames on her, she hits her head. The adults (aunt's, mom and granddad) find her.

4 out of 5 stars! I just really couldn't get passed Cadence being such a whiny little bitch.